Antiques and restoration are two words that have been linked for many years, so many that one cannot be understood without the other. At KUNSTGALERIE, the vast majority of the pieces are at least two hundred years old.

Pieces that have passed through many hands, that have survived political events or wars and changes in artistic tastes, pieces that have been modified to adapt to fashions or simply locked in a storage room for a hundred years because they were no longer of interest.
The word “restoration” comes from the Latin word restauratio and means “action and effect of repairing, renewing or recovering”. This last meaning is the one we like the most; to recover the original state, to give back to the pieces the meaning for which they were created.

It is in this spirit that we face each restoration, knowing that they are always in good hands.

The expert hands at KUNSTGALERIE

Lucas Nierhaus

After becoming a cabinetmaker in one of Vienna’s oldest and best cabinetmaker’s workshops, he began a career in furniture restoration and conservation and art history in Berlin.

He later became independent and opened his own workshop, also in Berlin, where he worked for more than ten years restoring pieces for private clients and official institutions such as the Royal Residences in Berlin and Dresden.

He specialises in the restoration and conservation of high quality 18th and 19th century furniture, furniture in the Boulle technique and in the gilding of wooden or bronze objects, offering tailor-made interventions depending on the piece and its original state, always under the same motto: knowledge and mastery of wood.

The beginning of each restoration is based on the basic principle of analysing furniture and objets of art, always with the help of various scientific techniques and methods that provide an accurate diagnosis of the different needs of a work of art.

The result of this process is clear: all the pieces on sale at KUNSTGALERIE are subjected
to the most exhaustive analysis of both provenance and authenticity, as well as a more
technical and scientific one and, subsequently, to a delicate restoration so that the clients,
when they buy a piece, receive it fully restored and ready to be enjoyed.


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